“Your smile - is your logo,
your skills - are your business card,
your attitude - is your trademark.
Brand yourself carefully!”

Do What You Can

Being unemployed is a very unpleasant and depressive experience; I really struggled to put myself together and to commit to my family and career. I felt disengaged and hopeless and could not find any relevant help to my situation within the area where I live.  Then I came across  Do What You Can and they gladly took me in and offered a supportive environment where I felt engaged and valued. I really enjoyed doing teamwork and business admin related activities, I also tried new ones and loved it! I believed in myself again and just after a few months after getting involved with Do What You Can I found a JOB! 
Do What You Can helped me to empower myself and to achieve my personal and professional goals!
I will gladly recommend Do What You Can to all my friends. 

Farah Diba

Svitlana displays leadership qualities that bring people together from diverse backgrounds. Svitlana is able to achieve this with a combination of resilience, good research methods and excellent people skills.

Anthony Sunay

I recently finished Diploma of Software Development and currently volunteering at Do What You Can. 
Before I completed my study, I was in search for a place where I could start my professional career and I found this organization as opportunity to try my skills in real life projects. It turned out that it was a perfect choice for me because job search sometimes is a long process and I didn’t want to waste my time without implementing all the knowledge I gained at the college. 
Do What You Can kindly gave me an opportunity to practice in the field of my expertise and get that valuable experience of working for a real organization. 

Michael Dushin

I believe that volunteering work with makes a difference in my life. 
I am an Administration Support Officer with over 12 years of experience working in Office Administration, Financial Accounting, Data Entry and Logistics. However, it is not easy to find a job vacancy or even to get interviewed with no local experience in Australia.
Working with Do What You Can gave me chance to meet new people, learn more skills (which I could update my resume with), prove, practice and share mine as well with a very active, creative and cooperative team and also it opened more doors for my job search. 
By working with Do What You Can I feel more confident, more connected to others and my communication skills have been improving.
It is great when you feel that you became positively involved with the community, help and get helped in the same time.
I have found Do What You Can is respectable and reliable organisation and it is interesting to work for.
Thanks for such supportive and motivating environment.

Christine Bedrous

Meeting new people, collaborating, sharing ideas and also work in a simulated environment matching your career aspiration; all this is possible if you volunteer for Do What You Can. It’s a very young Not For Profit Organisation with a very unique but relevant mission statement. With a group of ever growing talented individuals, lead by a strong willed leader, Do What You Can is worth every minute you spend there.

Shijo Thomas

I am very grateful with DWYC for the opportunity you gave me working in such a wonderful and friendly team. The workshops, recommendations and activities developed were really useful for my job search journey and they were key to succeed. Now in my new position I’m looking forward to sharing the things I learn with the team. I want to thank you everyone whom I have the privilege to interact specially, Svitlana you are a role model and a fantastic mentor, thank you for your kindness, generosity and support. 
Thanks again for your confidence in me!

Maira Alejandra Moreno Guzman

I am an urban designer and researcher. I’m new from overseas. When I came to Australia most people told me that having my own network would play an integral role in finding job. I didn’t have local experience and I did not have my own network as well. When I met Svitlana at Do What You Can for an interview, I felt that I can have my own network. As a volunteer in Do What You Can, I am provided with various events and workshops that are effective in making network and finding job. We are working in a friendly and motivational atmosphere. As a hidden rule, all of us; specially Svitlana; want to help and motivate each other. I definitely recommend my friends to become a member.

Media Hakim

My journey with Do What You Can began as a Web Developer 3 months ago and I cannot thank Svitlana enough for accepting me in such a passionate organization. Being a student with no relevant job experience discouraged me from continuing with my career path whole-heartedly as job opportunities would have been limited after graduation. However, with Svitlana’s ongoing support I gained self-confidence and eventually reached the position of a Project Manager which I had developed a passion for while working as a Web Developer. Svitlana is an outstanding CEO as she is very understanding, respectful and determined. She always ensures that every team member is included in discussions and events, and that they all are coping well with their work-life balance. Her management style is extremely accessible as she takes every volunteer opinion into account, constantly guiding them and ensuring organization goals are being met. 
Additionally, she is always sharing amazing tips for the volunteers to grow in their desired careers, such as, telling them about the advantages of networking and/or informing them about any job advertisements which she comes across. 
I am very proud to be working under such a delightful CEO and would continue contributing to the organization even after finding other opportunities.

Supriya Mayuri

Svitlana is one of the most generous, kind-hearted and giving people I know. I was helping Svitlana to find a Board Member to join her non-for-profit company, Do What You Can, and during that time she has shown a high level of professionalism, integrity and deep commitment to the company’s good cause.
Throughout our many interactions, I noticed that she had a strong and sincere desire to help people and community at large. She is currently working on launching new and exciting programs and initiatives around employability, health and giving back to the community – all with a purpose to help make a difference in society.
We run a few free workshops together on employability for Sydney job seekers. Svitlana was always willing to offer assistance and support to others even after hours and sometimes – on the weekends!
Svitlana is a true leader and just an incredible person of integrity not only in business but in all avenues of life. I cannot recommend Svitlana highly enough. I am grateful to become friends with her. She is simply a superstar in her field, and I am looking forward to working with her again. Thank you Svitlana!

Varvara Kuraeva

I came across DWYC 3 months ago when I search online to find a volunteer to improve my English. DWYC is a right place for me. Here, I got a lot of encourage and opportunities to speaking in English. Besides, Svitlana organised many events and activities to help me behave better in interview. She is very helpful and good mentor. Thank you Svitlana for your help and support. I wish you and DWYC all the best. I would like to recommend DWYC to my friends. 

Bruce Yue

Svitlana is a highly passionate and brilliant team builder, manager and coordinator. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to do anything in Business Administration and Marketing.

Mohsen Dezaki

I would highly recommend Svitlana Fatiuk for her great mentor ship and her unconditional support and guidance. Do What You Can has provided me and many others with a great opportunity to feel confident about ourselves and practice our skills to upgrade and get back to the job market again. I also got a chance to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and work streams, it really helped to learn and broaden my mind. Thank you Svitlana for helping ,especially new migrants like myself, to get local work experience and boost up our knowledge. Your kind, empathetic and helpful nature is very inspiring. It has been a pleasure to work with you and the wonderful team.

Prerna Makhija

As a migrant, developing interpersonal skills is essential and when I joined the Do What You Can team it gave an exposure to new skills and my self-confidence level was boosted as the team members were very friendly and helpful. Learning new skills while being yourself is very important and DWYC helps me while exploring new skills.

Monica Elavarasi

I have started volunteering with Do What You Can one month ago with Do What You Can as a Web Developer. Lack of local experience is the biggest hurdle that every migrant faces in Australia. Svitlana gives us the opportunity to learn and apply new things and technology which gives good local experience. Svitlana helps us to reach our goals through volunteering. We as a team build some useful projects . Am happy to be part of Do What You Can and to be associated with Svitlana. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity.

Gayathri Karthik

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