Our Projects

Do What You Can,
with what you have,
where you are.

Theodore Roosevelt

Do What You Can embraces corporate social responsibility as a part of an organisational culture and gladly helps people and communities form all walks of life. 

We are building our ethical framework with community in mind and proudly fulfilling our obligation to act for the benefit of society at large while growing as a business. 

What help we can offer?

We know how long term unemployment affects people emotionally and financially.

No matter what still there are some brave ones who is ready to step into entrepreneur shoes.

It could be challenging and rewarding at the same time, and when you are balancing between business and family occasionally you just need help.

Our team wants to help individuals, start-ups, mum&dads companies and community groups with:

  • website development

  • social media management

  • advertisement campaigns

  • business admin duties

  • etc.

Our pricing is tailored individually and it can be as low as free!

Below are samples of what we can offer. 

This website was created for Y Waste, an environmental social enterprise.

SWE participants had an opportunity to practice their skills in real-time project and will use it for their portfolio when applying for jobs.

Y Waste is an environmental social enterprise with a commitment to reduce food waste, founded in 2017 by a team of dedicated passionate food waste warriors.


With a focus on food retail Y waste's purpose is to reduce the food insecurity, the negative environmental and economic impacts of food waste.

Anna-Belle Weddings

This website was created for the member of our community with the goal of empowering their start-up business. 

On the other side, we our participants gained opportunity to practice their skills in real-time project and will use it for their portfolio when applying for jobs.


Window Cleaning

Our work is crystal clear!

5 years in business!

Joe&Ali Window Cleaning

Joe&Ali are doing their job well and just want to keep doing it. Looking after website is not withing their interests. They have trusted us with this job.

They have good reputation among community and we are happy to help Joe&Ali with taking their business further.

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We help community become job ready, socially connected, professionally engaged and future positive!

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