Do What You Can idea on providing support for unemployed job-seekers has come to our minds in the beginning of 2015 after one of our friends has took his life because of unemployment-related depression, that lead him to the slippery path of substance abuse and suicide.

After looking at this situation from different angles we decided to create a project-based supportive environment where participants can stay socially and professionally engaged with modern workplace technologies despite their employment status and the idea of Simulated Workplace Environment has come to life! 

It took us some time to try what works and what doesn't and after some time spent with different projects, Do What You Can has become very serious about what we do and has decided to incorporate in the end of 2017. 

Now we can proudly say that Do What You Can is a registered not-for-profit organisation that helps community become job ready, socially connected, professionally engaged and future positive!

Our mission is to bring participants from all walks of life in effort to help them achieve career longevity by learning, practicing and sharing their skills in a supportive environment, developing a sense of achievement and belonging. 

Our goal is to connect job-seekers with employment opportunities in effort to help them achieve career longevity.

Do What You Can embraces diversity inclusion within its groups.



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We help community become job ready, socially connected, professionally engaged and future positive!

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