We are experts


Our tutors are experts in career transitioning and have a wealth of experience across a variety of industries in both the public and private sectors.

Career transition  advisers have worked with unemployed, redundant and first job opportunity seekers at all levels, including entry to mid-level staff, senior managers and executive level employees.

We deliver our promises


Our team will make your career transition successful by providing efficient support in effort to equip you with up-to-date information on the current job market, understanding on recruitment techniques and tips on how to get a job of your dream. We will provide you with  consultation on personal branding and positioning in the employment market. We will help you to identify suitable job opportunities and present yourself effectively to employers.











Do What You Can is a registered not-for-profit organisation that helps community become job ready, socially connected, professionally engaged and future positive!

Do What You Can empowers participants from all walks of life through Simulated Workplace Environment Program (SWE) in effort to help them achieve career longevity by learning, practicing and sharing their skills in a supportive environment, developing a sense of achievement and belonging. 

Our main strengths are: Employability Mentoring, Redundancy and Career Transition assistance, First Job Opportunity Mentoring.

Do What You Can embraces diversity inclusion within its groups believes that employment changes people’s lives by promoting independence, self-esteem and social inclusion.

Our commitment to you!

We listen


every employment journey and career transition is unique and we are committed to spend as much time with you and your case as needed.

We respect


we respect your time and effort and we will talk with you on "your language". Transparency and honesty are our top principles and we will not give you promises we unable to fulfill.

We understand

everyone in our team has been on “your side” either you have been made redundant, facing career transition or looking for first employment opportunity. We know how you feel and what are the challenges ahead of you. 

We connect


Do What You Can aims to connect its members with career opportunities, self-employment possibilities and supports their development and growth.

We help!

We know that career transition or long term unemployment could lead to financial hardship and lost of confidence. We are committed to empower our members by providing support at this challenging time. On your request we will give you a referral to get business outfit for your job-seeking activities.

It will be second hand or end-of-line new comfortable clothing. 



We are so excited to see you as a member of our growing community!  

Join our not-for-profit member organisation and benefit from career advice, surveys, reports, resources, free member events, conference discounts, jobs board, webinars and online tutorials, member e-newsletters and community support group.

Do What You Can offers membership categories for:
•    Job-seekers
•    Career-changers
•    Start-ups
•    Businesses 

The membership categories are designed to support you achieving your personal or/and business goals, with corresponding monthly dues. All profits will proceed towards activities members are involved at. 

In exchange for dues, Do What You Can Members benefit from a wide array of meetups, activities,

life-projects, and relevant resources that enhance personal and professional growth and keep members connected. From mentoring and continuing engagement, ethics and career/business advice...

Partner with us

Social responsibility

Please contact us if you are looking for an opportunity to embrace social responsibility within your organisation as a part of team development activity or raising up your organisational culture. 

Corporate volunteering

We are always welcoming industry experts, influencers and positive-minded people to make a long lasting impact for unemployed people and to help them building resilience and self-reliance.

Pay it forward whilst growing your business!

Your social responsibility can start in the workplace! A partnership with Do What You Can will help you engage staff, deliver on corporate social responsibility, and boost your business' visibility and integrity.

Create a culture of giving!

Each corporate partner's contribution drives measurable social impact among people from all walks of life. 

Contact us to partner

Refer a Friend

Does your friend need help?

We love helping job-seekers and career-changers!

If your friend or colleague who cannot find a job, or has been made redundant or is ready for the career transition - than Do What You Can would be pleased to offer Employability Mentoring personalized support and guidance.

How we can help?

Our Employability Mentoring is provided by experts in both the public and private sectors. They have worked with unemployed, redundant and first job opportunity seekers at all levels, including entry to mid-level staff, senior managers and executive level employees.

We work for result!

Our programs aim to provide you with tools to achieve your career goals. There is no limits or time-frames for our members, join our Career Club and access help anytime when it needed.

Contact us to refer

Get Involved Today!

Become our influencer!

We are looking for influencers. Always!


If you are an experienced professional or an industry expert who aspires to change the situation in other people’s life – our community is waiting for you!

Get in touch and tell us your story: info@dwyc.org.au

Be part of our mission! 

Volunteer with us!

We choose to volunteer for a variety

of reasons.

Volunteering provides us an opportunity to develop new skills or to build on existing experience and knowledge while giving back to the community and making a difference to people’s lives. And also it is fun!

Do What You Can is looking for future team leaders and change-makers. Are you the one?

Tell us about yourself: info@dwyc.org.au

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We help community become job ready, socially connected, professionally engaged and future positive!

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